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Make your first impression, a Sound Impression!

Lighting and Shade Control

“Let there be!”  Now you can control your indoor, outdoor, landscape, and security lighting.  Set random programs, vacation programs, and seasonal displays. You can even set lights based on sunrise and sunset, all year long. Let us shed some light on your environment and enjoy the flexibility and control of getting it “Just the way you want it.”

Imagine only having to press one button to control every light when you are ready to leave the house, or retreat to the Master Suite in the evening.


Services - Lighting Control
Services - Shade Control

If you want to sleep in a darkened room, watch a movie, block the sun, let the sun in, ensure privacy or simply soften the mood, then shades are the answer. The question is: Do you want motorized, manual, computer controlled, programmable, or remote operation? The answer is (you guessed it), Sound Impressions.

The Power of Quality Light

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